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Babji Siva Atturu

My name is Babji Siva Atturu. I am a professional tennis player. While I was dedicated to doing whatever it took to reach the next level in tennis, I felt I was lagging in several aspects. My tennis coach, Mr. Ganesh Raman, told me, “You are anyway inside the game now; you might as well give it your best shot.” He particularly meant I need to address my nutrition to get optimum results in international tennis. In search of personalized tennis nutritionists, I have found Ms. Rashmi Cherian. She is not only talented, but she is also a very caring person who strives to give her the best. While many people publicize or advertise themselves even for simple achievements, she prioritizes passing the knowledge to her athletes first.

Rashmi first strategised my



Better eating habits

Eating pattern need to be Timely and disciplined

Moderate to high protein food intake

Improve recovery, energy, and stamina

Improve Heat tolerance

Improve Body Composition

I used to cramp a lot during my long matches in heat. I also had recovery issues. I used to get injured a lot as well. I have tried several suggestions from different well-wishers of mine, but nothing worked out well. The first thing Ms. Cherian did after our meeting was to gather all the information regarding my issues. After just a couple of diet plans, I have seen a significant improvement in my recovery, energy, etc. My injuries went down to almost zero.

My fat percentage dropped from 25% to 17% and gained lean muscle mass as well. While the evidence for general people is calculated in numbers. For me, the evidence is to follow the process and trust it. Eventually, the numerical evidence will follow that. While my nutritional plan might not work for a different athlete, you can always contact Ms. Cherian to personalize your plan. Without hesitating, you can try the nutrition plan from Ms. Cherian. Good luck!

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