Knowing your personal NUTRITIONAL genetic profile, risks, and strengths will allow you to adjust your NUTRITIONAL
approach to your health. For example, having a high risk profile to GLUTEN can help you modify your dietary approach
to gluten containing foods. Individuals with certain gene type of vitamin D may make them more vulnerable to vitamin D
deficiency. These individuals may need more vitamin C in their diet to ensure they have healthy levels. 

This is a ONE TIME test. As you inherit your genes for life you only require the test once. However, as other genes and
their relation with other nutrients are established, you can get tested for the additional genes when these tests become

Our Genetic report is the most comprehensive one, including all genetic markers. The package include reports
(Nutrition, Fitness ,Weight Loss ,Detox profile ,Food intolerance)

We test 900000 genetic variants, these are commonly known as SNP’s (single nucleotide Polymorphism). These are
small changes in our DNA that make us individual. Different SNP’s Affect everything from eye colour to weather we can
taste the bitter flavour in foods like grapefruit, So naturally they affect our response to fitness and nutrition too.

Not at all there is no negative information in your genetic test results. Genetic variations are simply the differences in
the form of the gene you have so that you can make the right exercise, dietary and lifestyle choices to help you achieve
your goal.

Our genetic test is a one off test that provides you with life-‐long information. Your genes never change. DNA testing is
not the same as food intolerance testing which needs to be repeated regularly to monitor your antibodies in the blood.
The recommendations contained in the reports will be valid for life. A simple tweak in your nutrition or exercise plan can
optimize your health in the long run, therefore making the cost more palatable.

No blood is needed. We take your saliva for our testing. Saliva kit provided in the kit.Full written instructions are in
the kit.

Your DNA sample is securely destroyed as per the lab’s quality manual and process.


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