Personalised Virtual Performance
Nutrition Services

Guess what! You've come to the right place!

  • Our consultations go beyond a few calculations and cookie-cutter meal plans.
  • We track down your eating habits, fitness & training details, sleep hours, exercise compliance, medical issues etc.
  • We will educate you about how YOU can excel on the playing field through a simple and flexible eating style, that feels effortless & enjoyable.

Common Areas addressed through 1:1 coaching

  • Fueling for Performance
  •  Eating for Recovery
  •  Muscle Building
  •  Gut Health
  •  Hormonal Nutrition
  •  Injury Prevention & Recovery
  •  Hydration
  •  Pre Season Nutrition
  •  Game Day & Tournament Fueling
  •  Off Season Nutrition
  •  Travel Nutrition
  •  Under fueling /Female Athlete Triad
  •  Vegetarian Athletes
  •  Supplement Usage & Recommendations

How Our 1:1 Program Works


  • Pick a plan & sign up
  • Fill the “Nutrition Coaching Application” sheet to help us figure out your existing eating pattern and workout routine, expectations from the program and health parameters which are important to you.
  • An appointment schedule is generated for the duration of the program based on your time and day preferences.


  • Starts with a detailed 60 – 90 mins long onboarding session
  • A fitness assessment is done with our Fitness Expert which allows us to understand your current fitness levels.
  • Based on both consultations a highly personalized nutrition plan is given (we usually have a 5 – 7-day turnaround for meal plans)
  • This is followed by weekly interactions on WhatsApp or on call (as per availability) & monthly once Video call
  • We review and alter your meal and exercise plans during the program as needed.


  • A post-consultation document summarizing all the learnings & achievements from the program will be provided.
  • As per your requirements, the program can be renewed.
  • Phone, Whatsapp, and email support throughout for all your queries.
  • Special meal planning for special occasions like travel, competitions/match day, off-season, etc.